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That email

Little red circle with the number one
Chest is tight when I open the inbox
Grains between my toes I breathe
Scroll down
Unopened for too long
Test with my toes it shocks me
A little bit further
Up to my ankles no better
It's not too bad once you're in
Just one click
Rip it like a sticky plaster
I just can't
One, two, three
I just can't



is clint eastwood's face paralysed?



To my darling,

It might be a long time until we meet again. Too many lonely nights lay ahead with that side of the couch barren.

I'm saddened your family are going through this. It's always a difficult time when children get sick but I know that they couldn't be in better hands and my heart is with you.

Things won't be the same for a while. How will I melt into your starling egg eyes? I know my Peruvian single origin coffee will taste bitter to my tongue until you can work the Mocca Master again.

Perhaps the sea is blessing us. She gives me time to pursue our shared passion of me being a hot girl. Perhaps you'll get your moodboard finished. This could be an opportunity for me to finally glimpse the sexless holiness of monastic life. For you the challenge of not looking at elf booty may be even greater.

Sweetness please know that I'm here for you. Let me be your errand boy. I can be your Hermes if I can't be your Aphrodite. I'll run miles even for the most trivial treats.

And even if these walls must separate us I know we can still whisper our sweet somethings. You always have my ear for the brightness, the darkness and the flat everyday.

Until we meet again,
Your friendly neighbour,
Tree <3


Mean Girls

"high status man candy with your army of skanks"


My desire

found art